The Management Festival is sponsored by the SIMA, Italian Society of Management: the scientific society that brings together Italian management professors

The Italian Society of Management (SIMA) with over 500 members, is the Scientific Society of Italian Management Teachers. It aims to support the development of the discipline by working to:
  • Enhance the specificities of management studies at academic and scientific institutions
  • Fostering integration between the university, institutions and the productive world
  • Promoting business-relevant research based on methodological rigor
  • Spreading the culture of management in society
  • Consolidating the community and strengthening the identity of management scholars

Why a festival on management ?

Management science has traditionally favored the belief that managers should manage human, tangible, and intangible resources to generate high productivity and greater value.

We think management today is much more than that, because it can make a practical, concrete, measurable contribution, improving the lives of all people.

Thus, this festival was born with the desire to offer a new, unprecedented opportunity for storytelling to the values of management: a discipline that, with an inherent plural spirit, comes out of the worlds of academia and business to reach individuals and enrich them through its approaches and strategies-improving their quality of life.

Management is thus enriched with its fundamental function of service, to the community and the country.

And it is precisely its generalist vocation that inspired the conception of a festival: not a sector review, nor an appointment for experts and experts, but an open and participatory event, where the public is the protagonist and has the opportunity to enjoy numerous contents through different languages: in-depth sessions, round tables, forums but also exhibitions, installations, talks, contests...